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Christ Presbyterian Church
1620 E. Common Street
New Braunfels, Tx
830 629 0405

Rosaria Butterfield was once a tenured professor of English who identified as a lesbian and worked to advance the cause of LGBT equality.  After her conversion to Christ in 1999, she came to see the sinfulness of having any identity apart from Him.

Rosaria is married to Kent Butterfield, pastor of the First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Durham, and is a home-school mother, pastor's wife, author, and speaker.  She is helping Christians to better understand their LGBT neighbors and loved ones so that we can lovingly look past labels of sexual identity and share the gospel effectively.

In 2012 she published her conversion memoir, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey to Christian Faith.  Her second book, Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ became available in July of 2015.  She writes about sexuality, identity, Christian community, and seeks to encourage all in faithful Christian living and service.

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